Members must adhere to a neat standard at all times while in the VIP Area. Entry will be refused if dress code standards are not adhered to.


Men must wear a collared shirt. If the shirt is without collar, a jacket must be worn.

Denim jeans are acceptable, however, they must be in a good state of repair.

Jumpers may be worn, provided they fit the standard of the room. Sports branded jumpers are not suitable.

Sports trackpants e.g. Adidas/Nike are not acceptable, however, designer outfits are allowed if the style is modern and conducive to the standards of the VIP room.

Shorts may be worn, provided they are tailored and of suitable length. Sports/workers shorts are not acceptable. Short shorts and mini skirts are not of an acceptable standard.

Activewear and casual T-shirts are not acceptable.

Camouflage clothing of any kind is not acceptable. 


Ugg boots, casual thongs (flip flops) and slides are not acceptable footwear, shoes should be neat and tidy.

In hot weather e.g. forecast of over 30 degrees, sandals are acceptable.

Sneakers are acceptable if they are neat, in a good state of repair and suitable for the overall expectation of the VIP Area.


Baseball caps and beanies are not allowed.

A copy of dress code examples are available at the Concierge Desk for your reference, or please speak with a host for further information. You can read the VIP Room Membership Code of Conduct here.

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