The Premium Room Code of Conduct is guidance for your visit to SkyCity Adelaide’s VIP areas and have been established for the safety of Premium Room Members and Guests. SkyCity Adelaide reserves the right to amend or alter the Code of Conduct at any time and from time to time without notice.

For the purposes of the Code of Conduct, “SkyCity Adelaide” means SKYCITY Adelaide PTY LTD and includes, where appropriate, the officers, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, and sub-contractors of SKYCITY Adelaide PTY LTD.

  • Membership
    1. Premium Room membership is by invitation of SkyCity Adelaide only
    2. Premium Room membership will be revised on an ongoing basis and regrades will be at the sole discretion of SkyCity Adelaide.
    3. As a minimum, Members must satisfy regulated requirements for Premium Membership
  • Privileges & Benefits
    1. Premium Room privileges and benefits may vary between membership tier levels and these benefits may be changed at the sole discretion of SkyCity Adelaide.
    2. Premium Room privileges and benefits are personal to the Member and are not transferable.
    3. Premium Room membership and privileges may be cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of SkyCity Adelaide.
  • Premium Room Dress Code
    1. Premium Members and their guests are required to adhere to a strict neat and tidy standard of dress at all times. Please refer to Dress Code Guidelines for further information. For the comfort and safety of our guests Adelaide Casino reserves the right to refuse entry.
    2. All backpacks and large bags are to be stored either at the Concierge cloakroom or in the Premium storage cupboard before accessing The Premium Room.
  • Premium Room Access
    1. Entry to The Premium Room is restricted to members holding a valid GOLD, PLATINUM or BLACK membership or via invitation from the SkyCity Adelaide.
    2. GOLD, PLATINUM and BLACK members are welcome to invite 2 guests to join them in the Premium Room. GOLD PROVISIONAL members are welcome to invite 1 guest to join them in the Premium Room. Guests must be over 18 years of age, present adequate photo identification and are asked to respect the standard regulations of Premium Access.
    3. The member must be present in the Premium Room at all times with their guest. Should the member leave the premises, the guest must do so also.
    4. Members must comply with all lawful requests and directions of SkyCity Adelaide while in the Premium Room, such as providing a valid photographic proof of identity.
    5. All Members seeking entry into the Premium Room must present their membership cards to the staff at the entry desk.
    6. SkyCity Adelaide management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person (including any member, guest or invitee) at any time to The Premium Room and for any reason at its sole discretion
    7. For example, SkyCity Adelaide may refuse entry or require you to leave the Premium Room if:
      1. In its sole and absolute discretion, considers that your conduct is or may be considered dishonest, violent, offensive, disruptive and/or intimidating to patrons or staff; or
      2. It believes that you may be engaged in the activity of lending money for profit, or believes that you have been or may have been interfering with, or misusing equipment or property; or
  • You misuse your GOLD, PLATINUM or BLACK cards (for example, handing your card to others to use); or
  1. It considers you to be intoxicated; or
  2. You breach the rules of any game played in SkyCity Adelaide, including playing more than 1 Electronic Gaming Machine at any one time, removing a Reserve sign from a machine; or
  3. You abuse the complimentary privileges offered in The Premium Room; or
  • It is considered you may be suffering from gambling related harm; or
  • Your conduct may, in the sole and absolute discretion of SkyCity Adelaide, bring SkyCity Adelaide into disrepute.
  • Host Responsibility and Liability
    1. SkyCity Adelaide is committed to being a responsible host by ensuring the responsible service of alcohol and provision of gambling related products.
    2. Subject to law, SkyCity Adelaide accepts no responsibility for any injury, death, damage, or any other loss whatsoever incurred by any person (including a GOLD, PLATINUM or BLACK member or guest, or an invitee), either directly or indirectly and as a result of any act or omission of relating to or arising out of your visit to the Premium Room, and you release and discharge from any such liability, damage or loss.
  • General
    1. SkyCity Adelaide is committed to providing an environment that is fun, safe and for the enjoyment of all Premium Room members. Should any member or member’s guest act in a manner that impacts negatively on the Premium Room or the members within, this may result in the suspension or cancellation of the member’s membership and associated benefits.
    2. First use of a card by a member and their signing of a card means that the member has read and understood the code of conduct and accepts them and confirms their eligibility for members, as amended from time to time. The member further agrees to immediately advise Adelaide Casino of any change of address and other details provided by the member on the application for membership to the programme.
    3. Signature of the membership card is required in order to take advantage of the benefits on offer to Premium Room members
    4. Only packaged, non-alcoholic drinks are to leave the Premium room. Please note anything alcoholic or in a glass must be consumed within The Premium Room.