Discover a destination hotel where your every need is considered and experience the extraordinary.

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Welcome to a new realm of luxury. Where a love for the unexpected meets deep local knowledge. Where subtle gestures underpin indulgent experiences. With us, your every need is considered, and your every desire answered. Step beyond the everyday and allow us to illuminate the possibilities.

Always personalised, Eos by SkyCity encompasses the finest in modern hospitality. From signature restaurants and entertainment, to opulent suites and spa experiences, we’re for the pleasure-seekers. This is a precise alchemy designed with you at the centre. Step in or step out: each distinct delight is delivered with a deft touch.

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Eos Spa + Wellness
Enjoy a quiet pause from the world; a place to unwind, indulge, and renew.

Signature Experiences
A thoughtfully curated selection of Signature Experiences designed for a truly extraordinary stay.

Leisure Deck
Enjoy a cocktail by the pool on our Leisure Deck. Our Leisure Deck features a heated outdoor swimming pool, warm spa pool, dry heat sauna, wet steam room and luxury change rooms.


Eos by SkyCity
Festival Drive
Adelaide, Australia
SA 5000


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Phone: +61 (8) 7077 3588

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