SkyCity Adelaide is a responsible gaming operator and as such, strictly enforces the age requirement of gaming areas. All customers must be 18 years of age or older in order to enter into a gaming area.

All customers wishing to gain entry into an SkyCity Adelaide gaming area must, upon request, provide 1 of the following 3 forms of valid photographic identification. 

  • Current Australian Drivers Licence 
  • Current South Australian Proof of Age card or Victorian/Tasmanian proof of age keypass card 
  • Current Australian or International Passport 

The Kitchen and Madame Hanoi restaurants are designed for, and caters to, customers of all ages. Parents, guardians or caregivers are forbidden to leave children unattended in the restaurant in order to enter into a gaming area. 

Unattended Children

SkyCity Adelaide has a zero tolerance policy for children left unattended on any part of its property, and regards all incidents of this nature seriously. 

  • Staff members are required to report to Security any incident where it is apparent that a child has been left unattended by their parent/guardian. 
  • Host Responsibility Coordinators and Security will intervene and take all practicable steps to locate an adult responsible for the unattended child. The welfare of any abandoned child is of primary concern. In every case where negligence is suspected, our immediate action upon locating children is to contact police. The guardian or parent is immediately barred from the SkyCity Adelaide property. 
  • All relevant employees monitor the areas surrounding the casino for any children who may have been left unattended.