The Host Responsibility Coordinator (HRC) department is dedicated to ensuring that the SkyCity Adelaide is a safe and enjoyable entertainment destination for all our customers. For those customers who may be experiencing some difficulties, there are many responsible gambling initiatives available.

Pre Commitment

SkyCity Adelaide has a pre-commitment program that allows customers to set individual limits to help them control their gaming on both Gaming Machines and automated Table Games.

Customers may limit:

  • The amount of money that they wish to spend.
  • The amount of time that they wish to spend at the venue.
  • The amount of visits they wish to make per week.

The HRC department is available to assist customers with setting up personal pre-commitment agreements.

Ongoing support through Case Management

We recognise that sometimes it can be hard to tackle a problem alone. Customers have the option of being individually case managed by the HRC. This is a supporting role; with a view to ensuring customers play within their means and maintain safe gaming habits. 

Facilitating help through Service providers

As an industry leader, the Host Responsibility Team has a close working relationship with Gambling Help Services throughout South Australia. The Host Responsibility department are available to support any customer who decides to seek help through these services. Please look through our list of providers on our ‘further assistance’ page. Help is free and confidential.

Venue based exclusion program

Exclusion options are available to allow a person to take a break whilst they review circumstances; options can be discussed with a Host responsibility Coordinator at any time.

Venue barring options

All official barrings are managed by the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA).  The IGA is the senior South Australian regulator for commercial forms of gambling. These include casino gambling, gaming machines in hotels and clubs, wagering on races, sports and commercial lotteries.