At SkyCity Adelaide we take our responsibilities as a host seriously. It is important to us that our customers game safely and responsibly.

How to set your My Play budgeting limits

  1. Insert your SkyCity Rewards card into any Gaming Machine or Electronic Table Game.
  2. Touch the ‘Set Limits’ icon on the screen.
  3. Tap in your 4-digit PIN NUMBER and select ENTER.
  4. The ‘SET LIMITS’ window will appear.
  5. Set your budgeted  limit by DAY, WEEK and/or MONTH by touching the applicable icon(s).
  6. Set your budgeting limit by TIME and/or SPEND by touching the ‘TIME LIMIT - HOURS’ and/or ‘SPEND LIMIT - DOLLARS’ icon(s).
  7. Enter your budgeted dollar value and/or length of time as applicable.
  8. If a specific limit is not set  the system will default to a daily spend limit of $100 per day
  9. Touch ‘Yes’ to confirm these limits.
  10. A confirmation screen will appear and the ‘SET LIMITS’ icon will change to ‘CHECK LIMITS’.
  11. Your My Play budgeting limits have been successfully set.

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