At Eos by SkyCity, we understand the importance of a sustainable future and are committed to making a positive impact on the world. Alongside our world-class precinct, we are proud to be 100% carbon neutral and have been purchasing carbon credits towards significant international solar and community projects.

At the heart of our hotel lies a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We continually focus on our social license to operate and we are committed to maintaining the highest level of sustainability objectives and practices with a priority on enabling positive impacts.

Eos by SkyCity is proudly committed to an environmental program that promotes sustainable practices, accelerating recycling, reusing and reducing of waste wherever possible.

Our many initiatives in this space have contributed to Eos by SkyCity being recognised as one of the leaders in sustainability in South Australia. With Spice Magazine naming us ‘Best Sustainable Hotel’ in 2022 and Business Events Australia recognising us as one of Australia’s ‘Top 7 Sustainable City Stays’ this year.

See some of our initiatives below.



Our sustainability initiatives begin from the very moment a guest makes a booking with us, where they are invited to download the SkyCity app and prepare for a completely digital check in. On arrival, guests who have chosen to take advantage of digital check in have the ability to enjoy a completely keyless stay with us, avoiding the requirement for physical keys. Contemporary plastic key cards are made from PVC based plastic which is part of a highly toxic manufacturing process, so for guests that choose not to take advantage of our keyless stay experience, Eos by SkyCity provide environmentally friendly bamboo key cards. In place of non-eco-friendly hard copy registration cards, we invite guests to complete our digital e-sig on arrival if they haven’t already completed our advanced online check-in. 


Intuitive technology and automation within each of our rooms & suites plays an integral part of a stay at Eos, providing not only a seamless experience for guests, but one that is sustainable. In place of non-eco-friendly paper compendiums, each and every room and suite features an in-room tablet. Updating content and information in traditional hotel paper compendiums would have required the removal and reprint of thousands of pages each year. Automation from the in-room tablet, gives guests more control over their experience and also allows it to be fully customised to their preferences; light levels can be adjusted, temperatures changed and preferences remembered. Whilst enjoying our luxurious rooms & suites, guests are encouraged to utilise the dedicated recycling bins provided, thoughtfully built-in to a custom-made drawer, replacing the small and outdated hotel bins of the past. While automatic do not disturb and make up my room buttons, controlled by the in-room tablet and displayed on a wall panel, again eliminate the need for paper signage.


As a precinct, we continue to maintain almost 100% Waste Diversion from Landfill. Across the corporate office, a focus on working completely digitally and removing the unnecessary printing of documents at all times, is at the forefront.


Wherever possible, Eos by SkyCity diverts waste from landfill, repurposing, and recycling items for future benefit. Understanding the waste process of clothing that is sent to landfills, and following a site wide uniform refresh, over 13,000 obsolete garments were donated to local charities.


Continuous monitoring of usage enables us to work towards reducing unnecessary energy consumption of resources. Water wastage and chemical usage is minimised as we strive to limit our laundering requirements. One initiative we have implemented to aide us in this space, is the exclusion of table linen in our conference packages as standard.


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