Learn about what it takes to enter one of the most exclusive and rewarding VIP Gaming programs in Australasia.

How do I become a VIP?

Access into SkyCity’s VIP gaming areas is regulated by the South Australian Government. There are certain requirements (including specific expenditure thresholds) that must be met by members before they are able to gain VIP status.

To be eligible for gold membership and to receive VIP privileges you need to, amongst other things, earn an average of at least 500 points per week over 9 weeks. That’s points – not dollars.  If you have done so we can then assess your eligibility to determine if you are able to be elevated to VIP status.

You don’t need to be an existing member – you can sign up today for free and, depending on your play, you could be eligible for VIP benefits sooner than you think. For further information relating to these requirements, please speak to one our friendly staff at the SkyCity Rewards Hub.

Great benefits:

  • Higher bet limits;
  • Bigger jackpots available on gaming machines – grand jackpots start at over $10,000;
  • Exclusive promotions;
  • Free parking;
  • Unlimited tea/coffee soft drinks and up to 2 free premium beverages per day;
  • Access to VIP dining and balcony area;
  • Ability to sponsor guests into the VIP gaming areas;
  • 20% off at Food and Beverage outlets;

Want to know more? 

Please click below to email our team about your VIP Eligibility: