Positioned in the heart of the CBD, the new Festival Car Park is right next door to SkyCity Adelaide

How to get there

Festival Car Park is an underground car park, located on Festival Drive, right next to Adelaide Festival Centre.

You can access Festival Drive from King William Rd, or Montefiore Rd.

Entering SkyCity from the Car Park.

Take the lifts to SkyCity level where you will take a few steps to be inside SkyCity and right next to Eos by SkyCity hotel lobby.
From there just take the lifts or stairs to the main gaming floor or use the lifts to go to other floors.

Earn points - be rewarded with free parking (Festival Car Park)

SkyCity Rewards members who have earned the below qualifying points can take advantage of free parking at the new Festival Car Park located right next door to SkyCity Adelaide.

Bronze = 25 points
Silver = 10 points
Gold = 1 point

Not a member? Join SkyCity Rewards today. It's easy and it's free!

How to redeem your free parking:

  1. Earn 25 points if you're a Bronze member, or 10 points if you're a Silver member, or 1 point if you’re a Gold SkyCity Rewards member.
  2. Print off your parking voucher at any kiosk using your SkyCity Rewards card
  3. Take your voucher to the SkyCity Rewards Hub and exchange for a parking validation ticket.

*Maximum 12 hours parking from your time of arrival at Festival Car Park. Subject to parking availability. 

Kiosk voucher: Maximum one voucher per member per day, only valid 24 hours from the time of printing. Points must be earned on the same trading day that the voucher is printed.

If you are a SkyCity Rewards member, simply insert your Rewards card at the boom gate upon entry and take your parking ticket.

Once your qualifying points are earned, print your parking reward ticket at a kiosk in the Casino. Present this together with your SkyCity Rewards card and Festival Car Park ticket to the SkyCity Rewards Hub to receive a ticket validation, stub.

Then on exit, insert your SkyCity Rewards card, use your ticket validation stub and entry ticket and you’re free to go.

The free parking offer is valid for up to 12 hours from your time of arrival at Festival Car Park.

Subject to parking availability.

Parking is made easier with License Plate Recognition

Parking WITH License Plate Recognition (LPR)

From early February 2022, SkyCity Rewards members can access the car park using LPR.
If you have provided your car registration details, all you need to do is drive up to the car-park entrance. After a few seconds your registration plate will be automatically read and the boom gate will open, enabling car park access.

If you have earned enough points on your visit, the boom gate will open when you leave. If not, you just pay the parking fee.

If you want to provide your car’s registration details to us, you can do it in person at the SkyCity Rewards hub.

Parking WITHOUT License Plate Recognition (LPR)

If you have not provided your car registration details, from early February 2022 as you enter the car park you will no longer need to take a Wilson car park ticket. Simply insert your SkyCity Rewards membership card in the entry booth to gain access.

When you exit, insert your membership card in the exit booth. If you have earned enough points on your visit, the boom gate will open when you leave. If not, you just pay the parking fee.

Use the kiosk to check if your parking reward is available.

Swipe your membership card at the kiosk to check you have enough points for free parking before you leave.

Disability Permit Parking

As the car park is adjacent to SkyCity, and includes specially marked disability spaces, we anticipate easy and convenient access.

Other convenient transport options include:

Train - SkyCity Adelaide is located above Adelaide Railway Station, where most Adelaide train routes terminate.

Tram - The Glenelg and Botanic Gardens trams stop directly opposite SkyCity Adelaide at the Railway Station stop.

Bus -  Most buses in Adelaide will bring you to the Adelaide CBD