SkyCity Adelaide provides a comfortable environment where patrons are able to enjoy their surroundings without disruption from others that are inappropriately dressed, or behave in an unacceptable manner.

To ensure patron compliance with these principles, standards have been set for dress and behaviour.

Dress code

The following will not be permitted at SkyCity Adelaide:

  • Torn clothes 
  • Gang patches or other insignia 
  • Dirty clothes or footwear 
  • Clothing featuring offensive language or imagery 

Game Day Dress Code

On certain occasions, such as major sporting events, SkyCity Adelaide has introduced a ‘Game Day’ dress code. People are able to wear neat and appropriate game day clothing which includes hats, tank tops, t-shirts, casual shorts and all variations of footwear including sneakers and thongs. Traditional beachwear such as sarongs, bikinis and bathers are not permitted.

Game Day dress code can be worn and you will be allowed entry into:

  • Gaming areas 
  • Grandstand 

We will be advertising Game Days in all mediums leading up to the event. This includes, print, radio and online. We would also encourage people to call us or look at our website for updates and more information.

Standards of Behaviour

Should a person be detected intoxicated, abusing or threatening staff or customers, or behaving in a manner that affects the peace or comfort of other patrons, SkyCity Adelaide staff will take appropriate steps to stop the behaviour including, in appropriate circumstances, having the customer escorted from the premises.

Any customers detected loan-sharking or begging will be required to leave SkyCity Adelaide. SkyCity Adelaide may consider barring the customer from the premises for these actions.