Collaborating with local gin distillery, Blend Etiquette we proudly bring you the Hanoi Citrus Gin. 

Through Collab Distilling by Blend Etiquette, the Madame Hanoi team have embarked on an exciting new project, tasting, smelling and mixing a whole lot of different flavours to create a unique and distinct gin.

Lindon Lark and Geordan Ellis are the dynamic duo behind Blend Etiquette and with over 13 years of Australian spirit industry experience between them, the pair are not only passionate about the perfect pour but are experts on the topic.

Taking inspiration from the streets of Hanoi we distilled with lemongrass, Szechuan pepper, blood orange and blood lime to craft a smooth, delicate, and memorable gin.

Full-bodied, approachable, and best enjoyed on ice with tonic or soda.

Come visit us to purchase your very own Hanoi Citrus Gin.

Hanoi Citrus Gin - $79