Bacon and Bourbon at Sean's Kitchen

Daily, until 04 October 2020

Lunch & Dinner

Celebrate Sean's two favourite guilty pleasures with this limited-time menu

Our annual celebration will sizzle your appetite for that classic American blend of Bacon and Bourbon.
Sean Connolly's delightful four choice menu showcases his favourite guilty pleasures for you to pig out on,
featuring local Australian pork and all-American Bourbon and Rye.

Bring along your pals for a feast that dares your palette, ranging from the gooey goodness of the Bacon Mac & Cheese, to the smoky-sweet Bourbon Glazed Pork Ribs. Prefer the simple comfort of a burger? Give your taste buds a double-treat with the Pulled Pork and Bacon Jam Burger or triple-down with the mouth-watering BBQ Bourbon Sauce, Bacon, and Beef Burger.

The BBQ Bourbon Sauce, Bacon, and Beef Burger from our Bacon & Bourbon Menu. Image credit: Meaghan Coles Photography.

Bacon & Bourbon Menu:

  • Pulled Pork Burger — Bacon jam, jalapeños, cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo, duck fat chips
  • Bourbon Glazed Pork Ribs — Potato salad, bacon, jalapeños, sour cream, chives
  • BBQ Beef Burger — Jack cheese, bacon, pickles, aioli, bourbon bbq sauce, duck fat chips
  • Bacon Mac & Cheese — Macaroni, pecorino, cheddar

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Bourbon Selection:

  • Maker’s Mark — Kentucky, USA
  • Jim Beam Small Batch — Kentucky, USA
  • Basil Haydens — Kentucky, USA
  • Makers 46 — Kentucky, USA
  • Hudson Baby Bourbon — Kentucky, USA
  • And more...

Seat yourself at Sean’s Kitchen between September 15th until October 4th for an overly-indulgent lunch with mates or a maltier dinner with your date. #PigOutatSeans — We don’t judge!

If you're after some classic Sean's dishes, don't fret as our Bacon & Bourbon menu will sit alongside our classic Sean’s Kitchen menu.

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