Crab Carnival

Tuesday 16th March - Saturday 10th April

A claw's for celebration, bib up and get cracking!

Sean’s Kitchen is celebrating all things crab-tastic. Get your claws around our special menu filled with crab themed dishes plus weekly crab-tivating events including the wildly popular Louisiana Crab Boil.

Embrace the crabby vibes with our weekly Louisiana Crab Boil every Tuesday night for $50 which will deliver you a delicious meal of steaming blue swimmer crabs with corn on the cob, new potatoes and chorizo.

Spice up your Thursday night with the chilli mud crab which is guaranteed to nip you right in the taste buds in the best kind of way for $135 per crab. Grab your mallets and get ready to get messy! Make sure you book though, as this is likely to be a cracker.


Special Nights

Louisiana Crab Boil (Tuesday Nights) - $55

24 hrs notice required when booking. 

Chilli Mud Crab (Thursday Nights) - $135

48 hrs notice required when booking. 


For regular dinner bookings, you can book online below.

If you would like to book for the Tuesday night Louisiana Crab Boil or the Thursday night chilli mud crab, please call Sean’s Kitchen on 8218 4244 as 48 hours notice and a pre-payment are required for these events.

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