Chilli Festival

Can you handle the heat?!

Celebrate Chilli season with a month long Chilli Festival at Madame Hanoi.

For the month of April we’ve increased our menu with dishes showcasing the heat and flavour of the not-so-humble chilli.

13 chilli infused items will join us for the month, ranging in heat, featuring a range of South Australia grown chillies.


Chilli Challenge Banquet

Wednesday nights bring the option to try the Chilli Challenge banquet.

$65 per person for a selection of 6 dishes that will get your taste buds scorching, including crispy chicken wings with your choice of sauce, and Chef Raj’s signature Saigon Chilli Lollipops.


For drinks there will be special cocktails to sip on between courses.


Chilli Festival runs from April 6 to May 6 at Madame Hanoi.