Rapid Roulette


The principles of Roulette remain the same, with the wheel and dealer still determining the result. However, instead of having to stretch from one end of the table to the other to get your bets placed before the ball drops, you can place your bets at your table by merely moving your chips onto your layout.

How do I play?

1. You may buy in with cash or cash chips from your gaming terminal. One of our friendly staff will collect this amount and deposit the amount as credits directly to your terminal. Alternatively, you can load money onto your Premier Rewards Membership card or an anonymous Ezyplay card and then play on the gaming terminal by inserting your card into the slot on the gaming terminal.

2. To place a bet, touch the chips on the screen at 2 and then touch the area on the screen where you would like to place your bet or drag the chip to the desired location. The types of bets you can place are outlined on the next page.

3. To remove your last bet placed, select the ‘Undo’ button at 9 on the screen. The ‘Undo’ button can be used to remove up to the last ten bets that you placed. Alternatively, you may press ‘Clear’ on the screen at 3 to remove all bets.

4. You can place as many bets as you like as long as you do not exceed the maximum allowable bet. The amount you have bet is displayed on the screen at 4 .

5. Bets can be placed in units stated on the table at 2 as long as the total bet adds up to the table minimum.

6. A timer on the screen will count down to let you know how long you have before you must finish placing bets. This is displayed at 5 on the screen.

7. The dealer will then spin the ball. After the ball stops on a number, the dealer enters the number into a keypad and the result will be updated on each terminal by automatically paying the winning results and taking the losing bets. Your winning results will be displayed on the screen at 6 .

8. The results for each round will be displayed on the screen at 7 so you can see what the previous numbers were.

9. When you would like to finish your session, simply press ‘Collect’ displayed on the screen at 8 and the dealer will exchange your ‘on-screen’ chips for cash chips, or simply withdraw your Premier Rewards Membership card or Ezyplay card from the slot on the gaming terminal. Your credits will be automatically transferred back onto your card.

10. The help button at 10 on the screen shows you how to bet and provides you with the basic description of all buttons.

Payout Odds

A One Number or ‘Straight Up’ 35 to 1
B Two Numbers or ‘Split’  17 to 1
C Three Numbers or ‘Street’  11 to 1
D Four Numbers or ‘Corner’ 8 to 1
E Six Numbers or ‘Six Line’ 5 to 1
F Column 2 to 1
G Dozen 2 to 1
H Low (1-18) Even Money
I High (19-36) Even Money
J Even Even Money
K Odd Even Money
L Red Even Money
M Black Even Money