Lucky Big Wheel

Experience the thrill of playing the largest Big Wheel of its kind.

Lucky Big Wheel is the new automated version of the popular Big Wheel and is available to play at SkyCity Adelaide 24/7! This massive colourful wheel is one of our most popular games, and its fast-paced and exciting gameplay is always guaranteed to draw a crowd.

With no Dealer, the Lucky Big Wheel puts in you in full control as you press the big red button on your gaming terminal. Just step up to your own individual gaming terminal to be in with a chance to walk away with as much as a massive 52-1 payout.


Like the Big Wheel, the aim of the game is to guess which section the wheel will come to a stop on. Place your wager on the screen by using your finger to drag the chips onto the odds you have chosen.

Press the big red button to activate the wheel, and if the wheel lands on your section after coming to a complete stop, the payout odds you win will correspond to the number you chose.

The Odds

Lucky Big Wheel odds are clearly displayed on the terminal, making it simple to place your bets. The higher odds will have fewer sections designated to them on the wheel. Equally, the lower odds will have more sections designated to them on the wheel.

For example, if you bet $1 on a section displaying 12, and the wheel comes to rest on that section, you would win $12.

Putting credits into the game is simple. You can use normal Australian money, winnings from the Lucky Big Wheel, or by transferring your existing credits.