Big Wheel

Come and play the Big Wheel, a fast-paced and exciting casino game that is simple enough for any beginner to play. Soak up the excitement as the players and spectators try to guess which section will be at the top of the wheel when it stops and who will win big.

With the chance to win a 45-1 payout, this is one of the most popular and exhilarating casino games.  The colourful, spinning wheel catches the eyes of everyone around and before long there is a crowd of people captivated by this game.

1.1. What is the Objective of Big Wheel?

Also known as the Wheel of Fortune, the wheel is divided into sections separated by spokes. All you have to do is guess which section the wheel will land on and place your bet before the wheel starts to spin.

As the Dealer spins the wheel, the anticipation in the room rises and the number that stops at the top where the pin is located is the winning number.

1.2. What are the Odds of Winning Big Wheel?

Each section that divides the Big Wheel has numbers that correspond to their odds and is clearly labelled. The more sections there are that show a particular value, the smaller the odds for that value are. Likewise, values shown on fewer sections will have longer odds and bigger payouts.

The table where players place their bets using their casino chips is clearly marked with the odds, making placing your bets simple. Each value of odds represents every section of the wheel that is marked with that value.

For example, if you placed a bet of $5 on a section showing 10 (for 10 to 1 odds), and the wheel came to rest on that section, you would win 10 $5 chips (worth $50).

To play Big Wheel you can use cash chips or the unique colour chips particular to the table. If you wish to use colour chips, simply purchase them at the table with the Dealer. When you leave the table, don’t forget to ask the Dealer to exchange your colour chips for cash chips so that you can use them throughout SkyCity Adelaide.