On-Call Mixologist

Enjoy a cocktail in the comfort of your room with our On-Call mixologist. 

Whether you are in the mood for pre-dinner drinks whilst you get ready or you would simply like to enjoy a luxurious addition to your night-in, we understand there are times you wish the hotel bar could come to you. Our bespoke, On-Call Mixologist experience is the perfect and indulgent solution.

We believe in the art of storytelling, using our location as the basis of our narrative. Select a cocktail from our range of delicious and regionally specific recipes via the In-Room tablet or by calling one of our Luxury Experts. Magnetic in-room theatre follows, as an Eos Mixologist with accompanying vintage drinks cart arrives to blend your chosen cocktail. Sip and savour every moment of this specially curated experience, designed to engage the senses.

Once your request has been submitted, one of our Luxury Experts will be in touch to confirm availability of your prefered date/time and reserve your Signature Experience.

*On-Call Mixologist experience is subject to availability and only operates between the hours of 5pm - 9pm. Reservations on Monday & Tuesday evenings are required to be made at least 24 hours in advance. 

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