Poker Code of Conduct

SkyCity Adelaide's comfortable environment so that poker may be dealt and played in the best spirit of the game.

More detailed information on precisely what is and what is not acceptable behaviour is available from the Poker Supervisor.

The Encouraged

  • The following is the manner in which we encourage patrons to play
  • Friendly
  • Promptly
  • Protecting your hand
  • Being quiet when a hand is in play (especially if you are not in the pot)
  • Announcing intentions clearly
  • Playing with integrity

The Discouraged

This is the kind of behaviour we will discourage and hopefully a friendly reminder will be all that is required

  • Throwing chips directly into the pot (‘splashing the pot’)
  • Throwing cards or chips in an aggressive manner
  • Acting out of turn
  • Using a mobile phone at the table

The Unacceptable

This kind of behaviour will result in immediate suspension or barring at the Poker Supervisors discretion

  • Swearing, yelling, arguing or creating a disturbance
  • Colluding
  • Cheating
  • Abusing any patron or staff member
  • Bending or marking cards